Return and Replacement policy:

  • The return/replacement policy of the company depends on the product category being dealt with.
  • The customers of the company can ask for a replacement/ return of the sold products in case of any defect found within the applicable return policy period.
  • In such case, the company required the customers to raise an issue over the company’s website along with the pictures of the defective products. You are requested to keep substantial proof in the form of the photo, video, measurements etc. of the sold products.
  • In case a return/replacement issue is initiated the proof provided by you shall be compared to the pictures provided by the customer.
  • In case, no proof is provided by you, it shall be assumed that the customer’s claims are invalid. Where the company finds that a return/replacement is required, the subject product shall be picked up by our logistics partner and delivered back to you.
  • You will have to bear the cost of shipping when the product is returned.
  • You will have to bear all the loss related to the product when the defective product is returned to you.
  • You will be informed about the return or replacement within 24 hours from date of delivery.

Courier Return:

  • If the product is cancelled before the product is shipped, then it will be returned.
  • The product will be returned if the customer declines the acceptance of the product.
  • If the customer cannot be reached then the product will be returned.
  • If the delivery address is wrong then the product will be returned.
  • The product will be returned if the pin code is not serviceable.